Hopivewat Learning Center

Hopivewat: Resource & Learning Center “Responsibly stewarding and managing our Tribal/Cultural Assets for Hopi, By Hopi

Historical Review

Hopivewat works to further earlier efforts to develop an institution of Hopi cultural education and preservation. In the mid 1980’s the “Hopi Tutukaiki: Museum and Education Center” plan included building space for a repository for cultural materials, exhibition space, educational programming, a library, and the promotion tourism of the Awatovi ruins.  This project had strong Tribal government and financial support at the time which allowed the project to reach the development phase however, the project was never fully realized.  


To date there is no home for Tribal cultural resources and the need to store is ever growing. In addition, the contemporary issues around the return of Hopi sacred items and art collections increase the need for a repository. In 2009, several Hopi community members reinitiated this community vision and began work to review previous efforts, as well as develop new strategies towards actual implementation of this vision.


Today, the Hopivewat Project Team moves forward with rejuvenated efforts, using traditional practices of care and patience. We honor the history of the previous plans and value working in concert with the Hopi Cultural Preservation Office and other important stakeholders to create consensus on the important factors that are essential in managing these resources to be shared with future generations. The team took several years to build relationships with stakeholders, understand the level of need and the resources required to responsibly care for these community assets. These stakeholders include; The Moenkopi Developers Corporation, The Hopi Tribe, Office of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, The Cultural Preservation Office, The Culture Resource Advisory Task Team, The Office of Economic Development and Community Planning, The Hopi Foundation, The Nakwatsvewat Institute, Inc., and the Museum of Northern Arizona. We are planning to continue expanding our outreach to the larger community and Villages. Collaboration and consensus building are key elements that guide Hopivewat in building a strong foundation and strengthening relationships.

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